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[TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages

I know this post is very, and I mean VERY, late but I believe that its worth posting and sharing. I’m a B.A.P fan– a Baby, and I like those boys really. 🙂 [TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages: Yongguk To. Babys! Happy Happy Merry Christmas! This year is already coming to an end. To… Continue reading [TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages

Anything Korean ^^


B.A.P – ONE SHOT M/V Published on Feb 11, 2013 @ TS Entertainment B.A.P – ONE SHOT M/V B.A.P official facebook : B.A.P official fancafe : TS ENT. official twitter : The music video was shot in the Philippines last January 18 to 22, 2013. According to some fans who saw them, it was somewhere Muntinlupa… Continue reading B.A.P – ONE SHOT M/V


[TRANS] Park Yoochun’s Interview in “The JYJ Magazine”

About swimming My manager graduated from the Marine Corps and the guards basically swim very well. Instead of saying I’m good at swimming, it’s more that I like water. Actually there is nothing much to do in the hotel, I mostly listen to music, do some writing or sleep. During this recent tour, I was… Continue reading [TRANS] Park Yoochun’s Interview in “The JYJ Magazine”