My Words

A letter to God

A letter to God


Dear Lord Almighty,


Greetings to you po! =)

First of all, I would like to thank you for everything. I am who I am; I am where I am; I’m with who I’m with; because of Your grace Lord. Because you continually bless me Lord. Thank You! But these two words of gratitude and thanks towards You is an understatement of how one should be grateful and thankful towards you. But you know my heart Lord, you know everything about me.

Secondly, I pray for a petition; not for myself but for the important people to me. I pray that you give them peace in mind, body and soul, and bless them the desires of their heart that they may truly be happy wherever they are. I hope you strengthen them to endure whatever troubles and difficulties they’re having. Guide them, Lord, to the path of righteousness and happiness close to you, so that all negativities will vanish in their lives; but with great understanding that everything happens for a purpose and is for the best.

Thank you Lord. I ask this through Christ, our Lord, Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the Saints. Amen.



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