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[TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages

I know this post is very, and I mean VERY, late but I believe that its worth posting and sharing. I’m a B.A.P fan– a Baby, and I like those boys really. 🙂

[TRANS] 121224 - B.A.P’s Christmas Messages Yongguk

[TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages: Yongguk
To. Babys!

Happy Happy Merry Christmas! This year is already coming to an end. To think it’s already Christmas. I can feel once again that time really does go by fast. Although there were probably sad things and happy things that happened this year to everyone, let’s promise to meet again in 2013 and I hope that your Christmases are full of happy memories and smiles. Especially on days like these, in the cold winter, this daddy believes Babys are kind enough to share care and love to underprivileged neighbors, grandparents who live alone, and everyone else. Hahaha. I was just kidding (T/N: about the daddy part).

I’ll sincerely pray for Babys in their 10’s, 20’s, 30’s and all the others who love B.A.P and are like our family, to have a happy Christmas. Let’s all laugh! I hope that you spend a meaningful Christmas!

[TRANS] 121224 - B.A.P’s Christmas Messages HIMCHAN

[TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages: Himchan
To. BABY ♥

It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve handwritten a letter keukeu

Last Christmas, we were busy preparing for ‘Warrior’ and it was before we met keukeu I’m happy to think that we’ll be able to spend this year’s Christmas with many Babys ♥ Spend a happy Christmas and wrap up December well. Since it’s planned for you guys to see our stages again, look forward to it~ ♥ For 1 year. Thank you for this year ♥ I ask that you take care of us next year too, I love you ♥

TRANS] 121224 - B.A.P’s Christmas Messages Daehyun

[TRANS] 121224 – B.A.P’s Christmas Messages: Daehyun

Merry Christmas!


It’s B.A.P’s Daehyun. Christmas has already come to us! We were working hard to prepare for our debut song, Warrior, at this time last year… ㅋㅋ But a year has already passed… Although it’s a time that could be seen as long and short, I think it was a fulfilling period of time. Our Babys who always cheer us on and love us~! Because you guys are here, I think we were able to spend a happy and cheerful year! Next year and the year after that, we will become a B.A.P that always works hard and doesn’t change! Please give us a lot of love and interest in the future as well! I hope that you wrap up this year well!

-B.A.P Daehyun-


Merry Christmas!

Hi~ Baby!

You’re all doing well, right~?

Christmas has already come~

I prepared a Christmas present for our Babys ^-^

Since it’ll be revealed soon, look forward to it!!!

Our Babys, I hope you have a happy Christmas~! Bye~ ♥


To. baby.

Hello. I’m Jongup who’s heavier than dumbbells. I’m writing this letter as a commemoration of Christmas, but I hope that everyone can happy spend this cheerful Christmas and receive presents from Santa Claus too. And host a party at your house and watch ‘Home Alone’ too. As I wrap up 2012, I’d like to tell our babys that you all worked hard and that I’m thankful. You always passionately cheer us on, love us, and even allowed us to receive the newcomers award. So I hope you have more fun than anyone this Christmas~! Merry Christmas!


How are everyone’s Christmas plans?…

2012’s Christmas is really important to me. It’s my first Christmas that I’m celebrating since I debuted as B.A.P and with our Babys HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Receive many many presents and wrap up this year well!! Always stay happy and healthy~!

(T/N: He wrote ‘impact’ on his exclamation point)



cr: b.a.p’s fancafe
trans. cr: neukki @ tumblr
via: itsbap and bapph

Take out with full credits!

Isn’t it touching to read the messages of the people you like, especially if its wishing you a Merry Christmas?
I’m just happy.

Thank you as well B.A.P for being an inspiration to Babys. 🙂
Fighting B.A.P — Best.Absolute.Perfect! ^-^q


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