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Hoping for that one great true love…

“The probability of getting hit by a shooting star is a ten-billionth. Meeting you was more of a miracle than that.”
– Naoki Irie (Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo)

                Will someone ever say that meeting me is his life’s miracle? Will I ever find my other half that would unconditionally love me despite of knowing the imperfect me? Is there someone out there that is really destined for me, that will stay and stand up for me no matter what?

I’ve always hoped of finding that one great true love. That one man that I’ll love with all my heart, mind and soul. That other half that would complete me and share the rest of my life with. Knowing that there a billions of people in the world, what is the probability that you’d actually encounter you’re life’s destiny? It’s one of those hard to explain phenomena of life, that of all people you’ve met and you’ll probably meet, it is that person that you took that leap towards that great love.

Watching dramas and reading novels and fictions triggers my “I-thought-is-a-contented-and-happy-heart” of mine. During this times that I find myself imagining, wishing and hoping of having that one true love and live to that happy ending. I just hope someone’s out there, waiting for our fateful meeting that would change and light up our lives forever. ❤ Maybe someone like Irie-kun? Hehehe.. =)



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