DB5K · My Words


I was in high school when I started searching on Korean artists specifically actors and actresses. I searched for their profiles and pictures. I was an avid watcher of Korean Dramas, even now.

There was a time I remember asking myself who TVXQ is, because they would pop-up on all Korean-related searches! And I meant ALL -ALL! But that didn’t trigger me to spare my time to search about them (that I hope I did XD).

It was early 2010 when I started to give TVXQ my attention. I read fanfics, watched their music videos, downloaded their songs, etc. to the point I got possessive and addicted to them. Now, not only did they get my attention but my heart, mind and soul for being their Cassiopeia.

On their 10th year, nothing is worth saying than I LOVE YOU… LMAO. Seriously, CONGRATULATIONS!

For making it this far.
For enduring everything.
For working hard to show us the best of you.
For sharing your life to us.
And most of all, for giving us, Cassiopeia, hope, love and joy.

To my really awesome oppas, THANK YOU! ♥

[Trans] @1215thexiahtic: Yoochunie, Jaejoongie-hyung and the fans’ love that has walked with me for the past 10 years… In order to repay this huge love that’s incomparable with anything else, even if just a little bit, I’ll work even harder in the future with the mentality that I’m repaying that debt. To the fans who cried and laughed with us… and my beloved members… Thank you really

“[Trans] @bornfreeonekiss: 10th anniversary since debut!
These moments that were possible because everyone is here.
These moments that I could make it through because everyone was together.
I want to say words of thanks to everyone who cried tears of joy and hardship, and comforted me, and to my members I sincerely thank you~
Hoping that the coming 10 years will be filled to the brim with laughter.”

I may not be there from the start, but I’ll try to always keep the faith and hope to the end. As others say, “Once you’re in, you can never get out.”

To the group that I loved, love and will continue to love,

Happy 10th Anniversary DONG BANG SHIN KI! ♥




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