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February 3 is now an important and special day to me because of you, Cho Kyuhyun.
The man who brought color to my life.
The man who made me cry, smile, laugh, giddy, excited, thrilled, and mesmerized.
The man who I truly adore and love.

To my first and ultimate bias @GaemGyu , happy Happy Birthday!! ^^♥  생일 축하해요!! 사랑해요!! ♥ #HappyKyuhyunDay

Cho Kyuhyun, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. You’re part of my life since 4 years ago, and for that, i’ll never forget. You may not know me and my existence, but I could care less. In due time, we’ll surely meet. 기다려 주세요! ^^

Thank you for everything!! 사랑해요!! ♥