Thank you Lord for a Loving Sister ♡

I’m leaving tomorrow to submit my requirements to the company I’m applying for. Just a while ago, my sister surprised me with an advanced congratulatory gift for my first job.



All I could say was, “고마워” (Thank You). ♥
I’m so touched I could cry, if only we weren’t on the foodcourt with lots of people around.

My sister is my best friend and the best confidant. We can talk about anything under the sun down to our core selves. She may younger than me by 2 years but she influences me and gives me a lot of advices.
We may have the same principles and views in life, but our personalities greatly differ. She’s noisy, strong, optimistic, and the list goes on. Singing and dancing abilities though, we’re on the same boat. Haha

Anyway, I feel so blessed having my sister, my family. I thank God for giving me a loving and supportive family. A family that believes and reminds me of my value despite all my failures and flaws. A family I would give everything I could ever have. Thank you Lord. Thank you. ♥


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