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Marriage without Dating

Let's get married!

This drama was aired by tvN from July to August 2014, and I finished watching this drama a few months back too. I just decided to post this late review, since its better late than never. LOL

So anyway, this drama is not so different from other dramas whose lead characters form a totally fake relationship for their own personal reasons. A wealthy plastic surgeon, Gong Gi Tae played by Yeon Woo Jin, wants his parents off his back about the prospect of marriage and here comes a total stranger he formed a fake relationship with, Joo Jang Mi played by Han Groo, who wants to get back at her ex.

Marriage without Dating/ Marriage not Dating is a romantic comedy drama whose characters have twisted connections and relationships. Honestly, I can’t imagine having this kind of connections, it would be totally awkward having your bestfriend’s ex just sayin’. And Contract Relationship? That’s scary in reality, but since this is drama land… It’s all cute.

This is the first drama I watched with all the lead actors. Han Groo pulled off the character and made the drama really enjoyable to watch. Yeon Woo Jin, he’s cute and so his flabby stomach. haha I was actaully a bit surprised watching him topless, without nicely formed abs. If you would notice on KDramas that’s one must thing especially on shower scenes. These two together creates spark, magic and chemistry I didn’t notice I was silently cheering for the couple while watching. Jung Jinwoon is cute, but I honestly didn’t like much his character. As for Han Sunhwa, I’m impressed. I know her as the KPOP idol member of Secret and she is known for being not so classy and witty. But in the drama, she did it. I didn’t see Han Sunhwa but Kang Se Ah. Its true Jinwoon and Sunhwa weren’t the best actors there is, but they showed potential for improvement, and I support them.

Overall, this was a lovely drama portraying the realistic situations some people experience. While watching the drama, you’ll realize if these kinds of situations really do exist, and what if it’s you on their place? What would you do? This is a drama that drops a lesson or two, and will make you think a lot if you dig on deeper.


4 thoughts on “Marriage without Dating

  1. I watched this drama later after it was aired because there were too many good dramas happening at the same time! but when I did watch it, it was awesome!! It seemed different from other typical dramas and was hilarious!! I am watching super daddy yul right now and it is by the same directors and have noticed they have the same sound effects which were really fun!! Jang Mi also has a short role in it where she is hilarious!!


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