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[Variety] ‘Dad! Where are you going?’

For those unfamiliar with 아빠! 어디가? Appa! Eodiga? (Dad! Where are you going?), it is a Korean reality show aired starting January of 2013. Celebrity Fathers and their children go on a two-day trip to the countryside doing camping missions, and experience the country life. One of the fun parts of the show is the choosing of the house to stay in. The kids cry and whine when they end up with a shabby looking house.
The original cast members were:
* Announcer Kim Sung Joo and son, Kim Min Guk
* Actor Lee Jong Hyuk and son, Lee Junsu
* Actor Song Dong Il and son, Song Joon
* Singer Yoon Min Soo and son, Yoon Hoo
* Former National Soccer Player Song Jong Kook and daughter, Song Ji Ah


I stumbled upon this show when it surpassed the ratings of Running Man. Due to its popularity, curiosity got me and I tried to watch an episode. The kids were so adorable I had to watch another episode, and there, I’m completely charmed. 😀

appa eodiga

My personal favorites were the flower boy Song Joon and naughty cutie Lee Junsu. Song Joon is the cool and smart handsome boy who also captured Sandara Park‘s heart. On the other hand, Lee Junsu is the cute naughty boy who really plays well. I find his voice and the way he talks cute.

What’s so nice about this show is that it gives the children a lot of experiences and bonding time with their busy celebrity dads. They get to know more of each other and form a strong bond of father-child relationship. Not only a strong bond between the family, but also among other families with them. The friendship formed between the kids and the fathers are noteworthy and can be considered of level as families at some point.

The show also promotes the beauty of South Korea’s countryside. 🙂


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