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[Drama] School 2013

Yes, I know… it was like two years ago, but I only finished watching it thirteen days ago. I’ve known this drama that year, but I had reasons why I didn’t watched it then. If I’d known the reasons why I had to watch it that year, I wish I did.

So anyway, let me start with praising the good looks of Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin! LOL They’re  handsome and tall, and I liked watching them just like that. hahahaha On serious note, their acting was praiseworthy. Not only these two lead actors, but as well as the other casts who portrayed the characters and gave color to the drama.


The drama is a sympathetic exploration of the difficulties and issues inherent in high school told from the perspective of both students and their teachers. It’s generally realistic, rather than being exaggerated and hyper melodramatic. If romance is your genre, definitely this is not your drama… except for some subplot bromance, I enjoyed myself. Unlike the most dramas, it has a scattered storytelling that gives focus on the different issues and problems of each character dividing up the air time. The scope was broad since it gets to each characters as the focal point. Though it gives a limited understanding to the characters’ motivations, as a viewer, I find it compelling that there is something more to the character and that there are reasons behind their actions. It always leaves me thinking of what is needed and best for that character , and the reality it holds. This basically leads to the Class as a unit as its main focus (character), not a single student or teacher as individuals.

The scenarios were day to day basis depicting same old conflicts that have been used in this kind of shows since time immemorial: bullies against bullied, academic achievers against hopeless cases, noble teachers against the inconsiderate institutions.


The best thing about this drama is the strong friendship displayed– Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo, and Oh Jung Ho and friends (I’m sorry I couldn’t remember their names). Generally, the character development was about just right, but never had an end game. As for me, the hanging end was enough to put the viewers to some realizations of certain circumstances portrayed, and justifiable for the realistic part of the drama. Overall, I give it a two thumbs up!

Before ending this post, I leave to you this quote from an article I read right after finishing the drama that perfectly fits the drama’s message.

“Because in this insanely chaotic world of ours, our kids desperately need to know that they can hold on to certain realities that remain true for life.

Or else they’ll lose their way, and die somewhere inside.” — Bo Sanchez

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