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This is the FIRST music video we downloaded, not Super Junior nor DBSK. I can’t remember the reason why, but BigBang had always been on my “Fangirl Admiration Group List”. Though, I couldn’t call myself V.I.P (because I don’t think I have the right to or qualified for that matter) I’ve always been a fan of the group– a YG kid to be exact.

For this music video, I remembered to only admire GD and TOP’s awesome acting. They’re idols who can sing and rap and dance fabulously, but they can also act that well! So I’ve always thought that GD’s going to be an actor, but it turned T.O.P’s going for that path. *win-win* Watching the music video again and again, I noticed how bizarre it was.
* Pineapple can be deadly.
* T.O.P rapping like a boss while riding a cart in slow motion. Swag.
Taeyang was like, “Let’s put something on your cart.” 
* Skates and cramped up on the backseat. LOL
*  BTS at the end is cuteness! *spazz*

The song was and still one of my favorites. *hands down* I missed this kinds of songs, full of meaning and emotion. The Kpop trend now are all sexy and mature that greatly differs from the Kpop I used to know, the bubbly and cute. Anyway, we have YouTube to give us a ride back to the old videos and feels. Spread the love! 😉


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