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Hi! 🙂

It’s been terribly long since the last time I made an entry on this account. I was swept away by busyness with my first (and second) life.

First life mostly revolved around work and home, and work and rare meet-ups with old friends, and yes, work. Work, in a way, was an eye-opener for me. I’m no longer looking at the same view as before. Responsibilities are a part of me now, and sometimes, it gets too exhausting.. and that’s where my second life comes in. 😀

Second life is simply my “fangirl” life. The things I fangirl about are still the same: anything Korean, anime and just recently, Jdrama and Hey! Say! JUMP makes me my heart go doki-doki to new levels.

I’m just really glad to be have a second life that could save me from all the stresses of first life. I could turn to them when things get tiring.

And I hope I could turn to writing as well.

This is all for now! I’ll try to post as frequent as I can.

Peace! v – K


PS. I will dedicate a separate post for my Jdrama watchlist, and my new loves, Hey! Say! JUMP. hihi ❤


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