[Photo Diary] Sea. Sun. Fun!

I would like to share few photos I took during my Sea, Sun, Fun adventures on the first half of 2017. And I’m wishing for another trip or two before the year ends. Haha! :p
So, Beach it is! ❤

  1. Subic Beach, Matnog, Sorsogon

My much needed relaxation was achieved during this trip, and I’ve never been happy. The sea was vast bluish green with pinkish white sand, I can stare at it the whole day. The place was serene and breathtakingly beautiful, who could never relax in that environment? Take me back~


My first overnight trip out-of-town without a family member. Hihi My three college girl friends and I had courage to go to this trip unprepared, overnight with no food packed in case of emergency. LOL Good thing there were stores in the island so we didn’t die out of hunger.

Since it was overnight, we rented a room good enough for sleeping. But you can opt to rent or bring a tent for a more special experience (or something). For additional experience, you can also go to the Calintaan Cave and the Fish Sanctuary for day trip only.

On our case, we didn’t get to visit the Calintaan Cave due to bad weather and sea condition. The Fish Sanctuary is a must for me, though. 🙂


Unfortunately, I got too relaxed I forgot to take pictures for keepsakes. These four photos are all I have. Sad~

2. Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur

Caramoan = White sand island-hopping. And not just any islands, but breathtakingly beautiful undeveloped islands. I’ve been to this islands several times already but I’m still mesmerized by their beauty every time.

First up, Manlawi Island!


There are a lot of floating cottages for rental. Most tours spend lunch time here.
The island is boasting its vast white sand bar when low tide. Stunning!

Next island would be where Survivor, reality show, was shot! However, I really have no idea which country shot there but you can search it online.

Sabitang Laya Island

With its long stretch of fine white sand, this is one of the popular islands in Caramoan. Its interesting rock formations and twin beaches are its best features, in my opinion.

We were lucky enough that when we went there, the island was still open to the public. Survivor, the reality show, will shoot another season on the island so entry will be restricted.


Lahos Island


What I liked the in this island is the fine white sand and remarkable rock formations. With two beaches between two rock formations, this island is truly attractive.

Matukad Island

Several meters from Lahos Island, is the Matukad Island. Of all the islands I’ve been, this is my favorite. The sand is white and powdery, it felt like heaven on your feet! ❤


Another attraction in this island is the Matukad Lagoon. Matukad Lagoon is a small lake surrounded by a intriguing mythical tale by climbing the sharp cliffs. There’s a “giant milkfish” swimming around the water, and it is said to have just appeared magically in the lagoon. Legend has it that years ago there used to be two of them here, but a family caught one for dinner. The entire family died because of it. No one touched the fish since. Tourists can see the lagoon and the fish (if you’re lucky).

I didn’t try to climb and see the lagoon as the way up is so steep. I also have short legs so I worried not reaching the steps, and slip all the way down. It’s dangerously high for me as well, and i’m not that good with height. LOL

So, that’s it for my Sea, Sun, Fun! adventures. 😀 It was a wonderful experience. ❤


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