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“Confess Your Love Committee” Film Series

“Confess Your Love Committee” Film Series is a Japanese animated film directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa. With two movies, this film series tackles about the difficulty of love confessions centered around a group of high school friends.

What made me watch the two movies was the positive and good reviews I read online. The overall topic itself was interesting enough for me, the fear and struggle of confessing one’s feelings and be reciprocated. As someone who enjoys romance stories especially those stories with emotional manipulation as this one, I had to watch it.

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The first film “Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita (ずっと前から好きでした。)”  also known with its English title “I’ve Always Liked You” is pretty straightforward as to what the movie wanted to convey since the first few minutes – the courage to confess. Confessing takes a lot of courage and all characters clearly shown that they are having the battle of nerves to just confess their love out loud.

The ending clearly showed that it would be the beginning for the next installment.

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The second movie of the “Confess Your Love Committee” Film Series is “The Moment You Fall in Love (Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo/ 好きになるその瞬間を。)”.  This may be watched without the first movie as the main characters are different and could totally stand on its own, I still advice you to watch first the first movie as characters’ backgrounds are no longer introduced. If you watched the first film, you would have a clearer understanding as to why the characters act the way they do.

If the first movie marked courage as the theme for me, the second movie would be about timing. The infamous timing that makes us think of “what ifs”. LOL. Truth be told, I was inspired to write a love letter after watching this. The main character’s sincerity transcend straight to my kokoro, I guess. ❤

What left me hanging even after the second movie was the conclusion to the no-label pair. I was cheering for them but, meh.

Overall, the story gives off of the feeling of nostalgia and familiarity, and pretty relatable. Every scene and dialogue in both films contributed to the overall development. Yet, the characters, the music, the pacing, and the juggling of  storylines made quite an entertaining romp for me. Though I may have no experience to confessing or romantic relationship or love in general, I found myself rooting for every character, empathizing with them, and understanding and smiling as they each struggled to deal with their love related troubles.

It’s also worth noting how emotionally resonant the movie is because of the music. This film is actually based on “creator unit” Honeyworks’ music series known as “Confess Your Love Committee: Romance Series”.

What impresses me about these two movies is how it appears to be kind of shallow and cliché in some ways, and yet still manages to incite a powerful response from its viewer despite of all that.

Recommended to all romance genre fans! 🙂


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