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Japanese Food Night

Sarurday. I was out of town to attend my workmate’s wedding so I decided a side trip before going home to a Japanese Food place. πŸ€πŸ™

To be honest, I got lost on my way. I got too confident with my direction skills, so yeah.. Haha ( >w <)

There are three areas to choose from when dining: 1) Dining inside the air-conditioned room like any other restaurant, 2) Dining outside but on regular table, and 3) Dining outside while sitting on the floor the japanese way. I’m in a japanese place so experience the most out of it, right?

The restaurant’s ambiance was perfect. It was serene and I loved it. Most customers were inside so I had the outside place on my own. Perfect! ❀

There was a long line of aquariums with different varieties of fishes. I didn’t get bored staring at them. Japanese paintings and ornaments, and dream catchers nicely decorated the place.

And lastly, the friendly waitresses were wearing colorful kimonos that looked so cute!

The food was delicious. I ordered California Maki, Volcano Roll Maki, and salad. I was so full! Sadly, I can’t post a picture because my photos were unpretty. Haha

That’s all folks! How I spent my Saturday night. Bow. πŸ˜†

Gochisousama! ❀


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