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Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White with the Red Hair) Season 1 & 2

Vaguely based on the fairy tale of Snow White, the anime focuses on the main character Shirayuki who has vibrant red hair. Due to her unusual hair color, she is constantly fussed over and subjected to danger because of it. Running away, she unexpectedly finds herself ending up in the kingdom of Clarines with the help of Prince Zen.

In the second season, Shirayuki continues her budding relationship with Zen and at the same time fulfills her dreams to be a court herbalist.

As a typical girl, the idea of being swept off your feet by a handsome and cool prince is pretty dreamy. It will always be every girl’s desire. Akagami no Shirayukihime, could be your usual shoujo anime. It’s about a prince that falls in love with a commoner girl that is kindhearted and hardworking. There is a definite romance between the two characters which isn’t dragged out for too long; and that’s a good thing.screenshot-25.png

The animation is gorgeous! Everything from the character designs to the stills to the amazing coloring were absolutely beautiful, even mesmerizing at times that I just want to keep on staring. ❤

Binge watching the anime, there were parts that get downtime boring in season 1. Though I enjoyed the first season, the second season picked up with the storyline and character development that made me like it better. The side characters had interesting personalities which is what I enjoyed as well.

On another note, I found this anime tagged as reverse harem since I’m really into that category. However, I find its reverse harem elements weak and it’s leaning more into ‘related reverse harem’.

Overall, there’s an equal balance of drama, action, comedy and romance. You’ll enjoy this, as much as I did, if you’re a shoujo fan! ❤


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