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Kuragehime (The Princess Jellyfish)

Kuragehime also known as Princess Jellyfish is originally a manga series written and illustrated by Akiko Higashimura. An 11-episode anime television series based on the manga was produced by Brain’s Base.

The story revolves around Tsukimi Kurashita, a jellyfish otaku who lives in a women-only apartment complex in Tokyo. Ever since Tsukimi visited an aquarium with her mother, she’s been mesmerized by jellyfish, whose ethereal, luminous shapes shimmer like princesses in gorgeous ball gowns, according to her febrile imagination. Shown as timid, boring and obsessed with jellyfish, she wishes she could blossom as a successful and gorgeous woman – a princess. Instead, she is stuck as a jobless illustrator with other tenants same as her who refer to themselves as the “Amars” (nuns). Her fellow female housemates have interesting hobbies and strong personalities, which keep them in a bubble of social awkwardness. Keeping their apartment a safe little haven of sisterhood. This all changes when she meets a fashionable lady who rescues a jellyfish, Kuranosuke, only to later discover that the “fashionable lady” is actually a man in drag.

The story is very easy for people to understand and the characters are likable. Everyone will find at least one to relate to. I would describe it as a coming of age tale with friendship and drama. A romantic comedy also tagged as Josei whose main audience target are adult females.

I got into this anime when I stumbled upon this picture online. I found the illustration cute, and I was intrigued on what type of characters this anime have, and what exactly this anime is about. So I watched it, and I’m more than happy for stumbling upon it and giving it chance. ❤

The anime portrays an exaggerated idea of people with social anxiety for comedy. Good comedic moments keep the atmosphere light and fun. Kuragehime delivers cute romantic clashes between nerds and popular people all in pretty-as-pink animation. Moreover, the anime is able to overcome their weak formulaic plots by delivering vivacious and delightful characters. Giggle at their misadventures, and marvel at their convincing humanness. The show also demonstrate the influence of one person stretching everyone else out of their comfort zone in a humorous light-hearted manner. Balanced with drama and emotion, the little anime series is a pleasurable watch.

In summary, Princess Jellyfish anime is a great adaptation of the josei manga and I would really love to see a second season be established for a happy conclusion. It’s fun, cute and hilarious.

Every girl grows up into a beautiful princess.


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