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One Punch Man: The World’s Strongest Hero

Ever since I started watching Boku no Hero Academia, I dropped several anime for falling short to my liking. So I looked for a shounen anime (because shounen won’t fail, I hoped). It was then I found One Punch Man sleeping on my bookmarks since March, 2016. I know, I’ve missed out too long. So I sat down and binge watched all 12 episodes.

One Punch Man is an anime/manga/web-comic aired by Madhouse about a superhero so powerful he can end any fight with one punch. Literally, one punch man. This is a shounen anime parody of sort that follows Saitama’s adventure with strange monsters, aliens and demons as villains. Each episode contains elements of action with the constant death and destruction of different cities under threat.


What made this anime special are its characters, especially the protagonist Saitama aka One Punch Man. First off, he’s not the good looking hero wearing cape we see on mainstream shows. He’s a baldy with a vacant expression most of the time. Saitama’s attitude and behavior also contrasts to what we would expect from a hero. He’s not bothered by anyone or anything. His vacant expression and bluntness to other characters makes him funny in many different aspects, as well as relatable.

You won’t think that a shounen anime parody would make you think deeply about things in life, but One Punch Man kind of makes you do. One Punch Man started from a place of existential despair, worked hard for three years and is still there. He struggles to find meaning in his actions and strives only to feel any emotion. This fact is exploited as solidly in the series so it means it understands this issue and is prepared to address it. But we’d have to wait for a second season for that. Haha

Overall, this is a very enjoyable series, and I can now understand the hype around it. It’s action packed, funny and has just the right amount of hot people for the classic anime needs. Watch One Punch Man if you haven’t yet or hesitant, it’s worth it! 🙂

Screenshot (19)

Then, I’m off to watch the special episodes! 🙂


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