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[Photo Diary] The Pathways I Travelled

To be honest, thinking for a title is a bit troublesome for me. I’m just no good. LOL Anyhow, this post are photos I captured doing field work. I views I got to lay my eyes on and appreciate, and the paths I got to leave my trails. Maybe, I could also say that this is one of the perks of field work, you get to bask yourself of sceneries you won’t see on your  office work.IMG_20170503_175734IMG_20170503_174241IMG_20170503_171636IMG_20170503_170733IMG_20170503_170343IMG_20170502_161852IMG_20170503_152815IMG_20170503_153648IMG_20170503_162939IMG_20170503_153702IMG_20170503_163005IMG_20170503_163913IMG_20170503_165542IMG_20170503_163010IMG_20170503_151543IMG_20170503_163058IMG_20170503_164748IMG_20170503_164833IMG_20170503_170338IMG_20170503_164107IMG_20170503_165225IMG_20170503_162345


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