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“Found new love in Hey! Say! JUMP!”

It all started with a message from my sister, spazzing.

“Found new love in Hey! Say! JUMP!”

To clarify things, no we’re not into JPOP. We watch anime, Japanese movies and dramas, but no, not into JPOP. So I was surprised when she was telling me that they’re “My first ever J-group” along the line of “You’ll love them, SWEAR!” with a starter kit for me on standby. As far as I could remember that day, she was fangirling over Yamazaki Kento until she stumbled on Yamada Ryosuke‘s video on some show and it started there. It escalated too quickly, I tell you.

So to cut the story short, I was forced to watch a 23-minute video she sent to me that night so I could relate to her fangirling. It was an episode of Itadaki High Jump, a variety show of Hey! Say! JUMP on FujiTV.

You could say I’m a bit gullible because I was easily influenced by my sister. Now, we’re both fangirling over Hey! Say! JUMP, OUR first ever J-group! ❤


Hey! Say! JUMP is a nine-member Japanese all-male band under the Japanese talent agency, Johnny & Associates. The name Hey! Say! refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period, and JUMP is an acronym for Johnny’s Ultra Music Power. They are also known as HSJ or just JUMP. Like agency seniors, Hikaru Genji and V6, the group is split into two sub-groups: Hey! Say! BEST (Boys Excellent Select Team) and Hey! Say! 7 (not to be confused with the temporary group with the same name). The sub-groups consists of the five oldest members (BEST) and four youngest members (7) respectively. The average age of the group at the debut was 15.7, with the youngest member being 13 and the oldest 17. They have sold over 2,386,402 copies in Japan alone. The group debuted in 2007 with ten members, becoming the largest group to debut in Johnny’s history!

In 2011, Morimoto was indefinitely suspended from the group following an underage smoking scandal. This caused the band to go from ten members to nine.” – Wikipedia

Official website: Hey! Say! JUMP

The Members from oldest to youngest:

  1. Yabu Kota/ 薮 宏太
    He may seem a bit awkward, but he is the most reliable and the brother of all in the group. His voice is beautiful!
  2. Takaki Yuya/ 高木 雄也 He looks really cool and manly, but actually an Onee~ LOL. But I love his voice! And I like how he seems like a kid at times.

  3. Inoo Kei/ 伊野尾 慧 Cuteness can be deceiving! Haha. An ero-mushroom with a high-pitched voice and my pace attitude; the most ikemen of all!

  4. Yaotome Hikaru/ 八乙女 光 He is very funny and really cute especially when he smiles. 🙂

  5. Arioka Daiki/ 有岡 大貴 The friend of all. hahaha He’s trying to seduce you, but is actually just a fluff cutie in my eyes. *subarashi*

  6. Okamoto Keito/ 岡本 圭人 An angel!! ❤ (But a big mouth when it comes to Yamada haha)

  7. Yamada Ryosuke/ 山田 涼介
     The handsome and super talented guy who melts me with his smile. Has a lot of fears that only makes him cute.
  8. Nakajima Yuto/中島裕翔 That super hyper smiling kid! He is the coolest when playing drums.

  9. Chinen Yuri/ 知念 侑李
     That guy who can do it all. His cuteness can be the death of me at times. LOL

There are so much more to say about these guys. They have so much to love about them, but until now, I still don’t have an ichiban. How can I choose, they’re all so lovable?

This year is their 10th year Anniversary! #Milestone


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