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NTV Drama Special 2015: “Okaa-san, Ore wa Daijoubu”


As much as I want to stay true to my reviews of not giving out any major spoilers, I just cannot with this drama. I have no idea how to do that in this review. Gomen~

Also, a friendly warning before watching this, make your tissues handy and don’t watch if you’re not ready to get heartbroken.


The drama started with a narration from the protagonist’s, Sasaki Ryohei, mother — a reminiscence. In that flashback, the first 3 minutes, it was revealed that Ryohei died. When my sister and I watched this, we had no idea what we had ourselves gotten into. We just wanted to watch Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke act. If we knew, we could’ve prepared ourselves for the inevitable tears and sadness. Since the tragedy in the end was already out in the open, crossing out the possibility of a happy ending, the drama presented a question to answer when it’s done. What did Ryohei truly felt deep inside?

Sasaki Ryohei was young, a high school student and the Vice Caption of the Soccer Club. Ryohei’s youngest brother, Shohei (Shimoda Shota), has been hospitalized for an incurable illness since the age of three so his mother, Moeko (Yasuda Narumi), spends all her time caring for his bedridden younger brother.  Hence, he lives with his father, Hiroshi (Akai Hidekazu), like a single-father household.

One day, Ryohei suffered from a severe headache and was brought to the hospital. He was diagnosed with an acute brain tumor and needs to go through a surgery. During that scene, he fell silent and suddenly smiled to his parents and joked. His smile felt so sad so at the 13-minute mark, I started tearing up.

From here, I’d like to share the three most heartbreaking scenes of the drama for me. The first heartbreak happened to me on the scene where Ryohei was talking to Shohei. He asked his brother if he’s afraid of the surgery or not. He teared up saying he is afraid, but immediately took it back with, “just joking”.

Then there’s the part where his mother was informed that the tumor metastasized, and that Ryohei’s expected only live for two months. His mother was talking to his father on the phone relaying the doctor’s verdict, and his father said to just take him home is where my second heartbreak occurred. Followed by the scene where the mother apologized to Ryohei on the phone for not being born healthy. But Ryohei responded, “Mom it’s okay.” The despair and strength of Ryohei and his parents wrenched my heart.

The third scene would be the ending scene where the question raised in the beginning was answered. The only time Ryohei looked vulnerable to his emotions.screenshot-27.png

Ryohei’s a brave soul. The fact that he hasn’t complained or cried in front of other people tells how courageous he is. Same goes to his family, for not breaking down and giving up despite the situation. I truly admire their strength, tenacity and optimism.

The first acting appearance I got to watch of Yamada Ryosuke was the movie “Grasshopper”. I was already amazed of how good he was as Semi the assassin, and his superb acting as Ryohei only proved how brilliant of an actor he is! Not only is he a talented and good looking idol, but an amazing actor as well. ❤

The drama was well-written and the actors did so well. By the time the drama was done, my sister and I were both wrecked with puffy eyes for crying so hard. The sight was funny, tbh. Anyway, let’s all watch out and support Yamada Ryosuke’s upcoming movie on December 2017 ,“Fullmetal Alchemist” Live Action movie! Directed by Fumihiko Sori. 🙂 I’m so excited ! It’s FMA after all. haha! ❤



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