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Barakamon: An Utterly Wonderful Anime

Barakamon 2

The anime revolves around the 23 year-old professional calligrapher, Seishuu Handa, who punches an elderly curator after criticizing his calligraphy at an exhibition as “unoriginal copybook style”. As for punishment, Seishuu’s father sends him off to Goto Islands in order to self-reflect his actions and to also find some peace of mind. As someone who has never lived outside of the city, Handa was forced to adapt to all the new things on the countryside.

The story, though simple, is heartwarming in the truest form. It is one of the strongest aspect of Barakamon, its ability to tell a story with authentic simplicity. The episodes are mostly day-to-day adventures, but each one is clever, uplifting, and very often hilarious. It is the journey of a man who got lost and confused, and the process of healing whilst finding yourself. It is pretty relatable and one you can sympathize in some sense with a lesson or two to derive from each episode. The show has a heartwarming atmosphere and innocence.

The characters are all with each distinct personalities, and I love each and everyone of them. We have the heart of the show, aside from Handa, Naru who is a tomboyish, free-spirited six year old. Handa and Naru’s relationship is between that of guardian-child and of bestfriends. Not only that Naru changes Handa’s perception to the world with their everyday adventures, but also Naru as well as the other characters takes so much from Handa’s presence. They have such special relationships in this show that in each episode they get closer in a familial intimate way.

Barakamon 1

Barakamon’s humor never does seem any less than innocent and heartfelt. With six year-old characters, the portrayal is so realistic that they pull you into their humorous views and innocence. The comedy are out-of-the-box that I can’t help but laugh out loud without warning.

Realistic children aren’t the only things Barakamon slays. It perfectly encapsulates the country lifestyle — beautiful, wide expanses that you don’t ever get to see in the city, and of course, the stars.

With a soothing atmosphere and a refreshing cast of characters, Barakamon is one of those shows that rewards anyone from an arduous day of work. It is the good balance of humor and emotion. An utterly wonderful anime that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. My favorite slice-of-life anime that would always get a 10/10 stars rating from me no matter how many times I watch it (though I don’t rate on my reviews haha). ❤



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