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Usagi Drop: The Charms of Parenting

Adapted from the Josei manga by Unita Yumi, the story begins with Kawachi Daikichi, a 30 year old salesman who has returned home to attend a family funeral. During his stay he finds out that his deceased grandfather had an illegitimate daughter called Kaga Rin. With no one who wanted to take the six year-old Rin, Daikichi took it upon himself to be her guardian.


The episodes are mostly about Daikichi adjusting to life as a single parent, and about Rin as she gradually learns to trust in Daikichi while discovering more about the world and her place in it. The narrative is hardly complex, but viewers of Usagi Drop will be rewarded with more substance than can be said for many of the more plot-driven anime out there. It is very well written and well paced.

One of the anime’s good points that I would like to point out is how the show personifies ‘life’ in both the boring and the beautiful. The normal everyday routine that all of us do, such as brushing teeth, cooking are shown that reminds us that these simple moments count; and that small things really matter. We’re able to really connect with the characters and their story on a more personal level.

The art is unique. It’s a style of art different to the trends of modern anime but it has an innocent and whimsical joy that seems to capture the essence of the show.

Usagi Drop remains grounded enough in quirky realism to provide both insight and light humor. The manga upon which it is based covers a far greater span of time; and with the unwelcome spoilers I was fed, I’d rather not read the manga for the distasteful direction it was headed, in my opinion. I just loved how Rin and Daikichi’s relationship is on the anime and I don’t want to ruin that, ever.

Overall, this is a lighthearted anime that pulls on your heartstrings every now and then in the course of the show. Recommended to all who enjoys the slice-of-life genre. 🙂


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