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My Anime Starter Kit: Anime Recommendation for Newbies

My Anime Starter Kit is my own version of “Beginner’s Guide to Anime”. Well depending on who you ask the answer to what anime should you watch first can vary. Often the common consensus falls to at least three popular titles (again depending on the person you ask): Bleach, Naruto & One Piece. These three titles have had both ludicrous commercial success both in Japan and internationally.

One Piece is an anime I would recommend anyone to watch, however, the sheer number of episodes, not to mention that it’s still ongoing is enough to deter anime watchers much less a beginner, so I decided to not include it on the list.

Hence, I decided to name few titles I believe would make a good start for your anime watching.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric lose their mother to an incurable disease. With the power of alchemy, they use taboo knowledge to resurrect her. As a result, Ed loses his right arm and left leg, and Al loses his entire body, with his soul being bonded to a suit of armor. FMAB follows their journey as they attempt to return their bodies back to normal, with the help of a legendary object called the Philosopher’s Stone.

    This is a 64-episode anime series adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa is the second anime television series the first being 2003’s Fullmetal Alchemist. Between the two, Brotherhood follows more the manga. The entire series, to put simply, is absolutely brilliant. ❤

    You can read my review here: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

  2. Barakamon
    The 12-episode anime revolves around the 23 year-old professional calligrapher, Seishuu Handa, who punches an elderly curator after criticizing his calligraphy at an exhibition as “unoriginal copybook style”. As for punishment, Seishuu’s father sends him off to Goto Islands in order to self-reflect his actions and to also find some peace of mind. As someone who has never lived outside of the city, Handa was forced to adapt to all the new things on the countryside.

    This is one of my anyone-can-watch anime series list. The story, though simple, is heartwarming in the truest form. The show has a heartwarming atmosphere and innocence. It is the good balance of humor and emotion. Highly recommended!

    You can read my review here: Barakamon: An Utterly Wonderful Anime

  3. Kimi ni Todoke
    Our heroine, Kuronuma Sawako, is a sweet and gentle girl with an awkward personality and an uncanny resemblance to Sadako from The Ring. Desperately wanting others to understand her, she is instead shunned and feared by her classmates. This all changes when she meets a boy named Kazehaya Shota who is the first to truly see her. Slowly, she begins to draw herself out of her shell. The remaining story is one of self discovery as Sawako experiences the first feelings of love and friendship. The way it is presented is so wonderfully sweet and beautiful that it is impossible not to love. A shoujo anime for the shoujo fans. 🙂
  4. AnoHana
    Anohana is not a happy story. Rather it is a serious look at how the death of a young child has derailed the lives of all those close to her—even years after the fact.  Despite of that overall mood of the story, this is still an uplifting and hopefully optimistic story.

    You can read my review here: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

  5. Spirited Away (Movie)

    Spirited Away is my gateway to Studio Ghibli. I first watched this about 4 years ago when a close friend of mine gave me copy of this movie. Since then, I’ve become a fan of all Studio Ghibli movies. That’s I’m recommending this movie, and I’m hoping that this may be your gateway to Studio Ghibli and anime in general, as much as it did to me. 🙂


Basically, this list is just out of my personal preference and judgment with great hope that this could be good enough. I personally thoroughly enjoyed this animes. Also, I considered a variety of genres to suit different tastes.

Perhaps, the best place to start watching anime is . Crunchyroll has tons of anime for FREE, and yes, it’s the legal kind of free. You can also find some anime on FUNimation, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HiDIVE, if you already have those.

I hope I was at least a little helpful with all this, and I hope that this will give you a foot into the wide, wonderful world of anime. ❤


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