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Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope)


Sakamichi no Apollon, or Kids on the Slope, is a historical anime, more specifically set in the 1960s.

The story focuses on Nishimi Kaoru, a book-smart frail boy of the upper society who moves to Kyushu to stay with his relatives, and finds it hard to fit in amongst the Kyushu lifestyle of his classmates. He has a rather reserved personality and hard to open up. That is until he meets the misunderstood delinquent with a huge heart for Jazz music, Kawabuchi Sentaro, and finding true friendship. Later comes into picture is Ritsuko Mukae, a friendly girl who plays intriguing roles in the story ranging from music, friendship, and later love. The series follows three friends as they create unforgettable memories in the age of jazz music, friendship, and melody presented despairingly honest in nature. 

As for the characters, I have to admit that the three main characters were really great. I’d say that they were all pretty well developed and each of them gives off natural feelings. It’s pretty easy to relate and sympathize with them. Call it bromance or what, but I guess seeing the male leads cry and know what each other is thinking is practically something that goes around my idea of real friendship. Something to be jealous of, if you ask me. Other than the three main characters, the side characters, in general, helped so much in building up the story, as well as Sentarou and Kaoru’s friendship.


Overall, it’s a really outstanding anime. Although it had a pretty rushed ending, the characters, art and music were really great. This anime is pretty recommended for those who want some natural slice-of-life. You don’t need to love Jazz to enjoy this anime. Sakamichi no Apollon is family-friendly, somewhat emotional and inspiring. 🙂

PS. A Live Action Movie adaption is set to be released on 2018 satrring Chinen Yuri, Nakagawa Taishi, and Komatsu Nana.


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