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Kimi ni Todoke (From Me To You)

Our heroine, Kuronuma Sawako, is a sweet and gentle girl with an awkward personality and an uncanny resemblance to Sadako from The Ring. Desperately wanting others to understand her, she is instead shunned and feared by her classmates. This all changes when she meets a boy named Kazehaya Shota who is the first to truly see her. The remaining story is one of self discovery as Sawako experiences the first feelings of love and friendship. The way this show is presented is so wonderfully sweet and beautiful that it is impossible not to love. ❤

While not the most exciting story line, it’s simplicity charms me. It has a rather slow flow, but it doesn’t bore, rather it helps emphasize the special moments that Sawako experiences in her school life. The process of growing up, feeling love for the first time, making friends, and even enemies during your teen years are all so amazingly portrayed through this show.

Personally, I love all the characters of this show. Sawako is just too cute. She’s so innocent to the point of being humorous, but she’s not stupid or weak. She’s optimistic, earnest, always trying to help others, and always being true to herself. Everyone can find something to relate with her over and from a character development standpoint, the person she becomes by the end of the series is so remarkably different from her beginning that it’s truly amazing. Yet despite this enormous change she never changes from what she really is at her core.

For the male lead, you’ve got the refreshing Kazehaya who is actually not your typical male lead. At first glance, he’s Mr. Perfect who everyone admires, but after a while you learn that he’s just like any other guy. He gets flustered, nervous, angry and embarrassed like all of us do. And in my opinion, that just makes him more endearingly cute and charming. He is never made out to be a caricature of the fantasies and dreams of young girls. He’s a guy who will be loved by viewers not because he’s hot, but because he’s just a really nice guy any girl would want to fall in love with and guys would want as a friend.

Artistically, Kimi ni Todoke might not be considered the best out there, but it’s bright, simple and cute. Its soft colors and artwork just match the beauty and sweetness in the story perfectly. It does a good job of mixing in comedic art along with its beautiful scenery to make every episode visually appealing and smile inducing. 

This anime is all about learning to communicate by learning to love yourself and believe in yourself, and then progresses into being about coming to terms with romantic feelings. In truth, it’s a coming-of-age tale first and a romance story next. Focusing on the emotional health of each character allows us to really see who they are. Too cute for words, I felt much warm and fuzzy feelings when watching them. It makes me wish I could go back in time to experience high school romance like they did. But then again, can I even find someone like Kazehaya? LOL

A fair warning though- this is really much slower paced as compared to usual series, but if you love awkward, sweet moments as much as I do, you’ll love this nonetheless. With great character development and great art, Kimi ni Todoke is really worth a watch! ❤


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