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Flying Witch: A Pleasantly Laid-back Anime

Flying Witch is surprisingly slow, quaint and down to earth. Early on, I found it boring. But half way through it improved, maintaining a better balance between the fantasy and the mundane. The Witchcraft becoming more prominent in the series creates a more entertaining and epic quality.

Makoto is, without a doubt, a very laid back protagonist. She’s not a terribly compelling lead. Instead, she is a worry-free, kindhearted, high school girl, with a terrible sense of direction. Chinatsu however, is the better driving force, providing plenty of excitement around the Witchcraft, with her responses and reactions both adorable and comedic.

The show has actual and actively present parents, something that a lot of slice of life shows seem to skimp on. It’s nice to have parents appear regularly and even participate in the events occurring onscreen instead of always being away on business trips. These parents are also shown to be modern and accepting, encouraging and supporting their kids to be themselves and pursue their passions which makes for a healthy and believable relationship, which in turn further helps sell the slice of life/realistic daily life vibe.

While there have been many aspects about Flying Witch that were extremely well done, one area that has continuously stood out for me has been the art. I found Flying Witch’s background art to really stand out, expertly capturing the quaint nature of this rural setting and bringing this more laid-back lifestyle.

The music is so beautiful.  It is simple, and happy, sometimes even juvenile sounding, but it has such a charming, calming effect, that one cannot help but feel totally relaxed while watching.


Flying Witch ends in a way that is a perfect reflection of the core of the series – quiet, magical and centered around Makoto on the eve of a festival.

Flying Witch is the perfect show to wind down with after a busy day, when you don’t want to think too much or watch anything mind-blowing, emotionally exhausting shows. It’s not rambunctious like a lot of other slice of life with younger casts and it does tend to drag a bit every now and then. But if you’re looking for a calming show, this show might just be your cup of tea!


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