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[Diary] Life in August

My August should’ve started with my attendance to a gathering with friends held once a year on that set date. However, due to various reasons not within my capacity, I couldn’t go. From there, it lead to continuous cancellation of plans and events this month. Some of which are as follows:

● A five-day vacation to the paradise beach planned few months back.

● A fan meeting event of a Korean Actor that I’m willing to attend (for the first time).

● A hot spring weekend getaway with a friend that vanished into thin air.

● A 2Days1Night trip to the amusement park and aquarium with workmates.

And other plans for this month that was/ will never be realized. 😢

Why things got cancelled, you may ask? I’m not entirely sure myself. But maybe because I wasn’t as adamant to make it happen. Maybe because I just go with the flow. Or maybe because, it’s not meant to happen anyway? LOL

Since I’ve got nothing but cancelled plans, I had nothing to do on my days off but watch my shows. I meant watching my shows, not going out as in not going out on all of those days.

I’m currently watching Handa-kun and Sangatsu no Lion. Tbh, I didn’t enjoy Handa-kun’s 1st and 2nd ep so I thought of dropping it. However, since I loved Barakamon and this is about Handa-kun, I’m trying/ will try to enjoy it til the end hopefully with a good outcome. As for Sangatsu no Lion, I’m unexpectedly loving it. I can’t help myself to stop from watching and be attached to Kiriyama-kun. ❤

For my lack of interest on the on-going KDramas, I’ve been watching Korean Variety shows instead. For one, I got hooked with JTBC’s Abnormal Summit for its interesting theme, as well as the eye-candy panels, I binge-watched several episodes. I also started watching another show Night Goblin on the same channel that is uniquely entertaining as well.

My sister was into watching all Wanna One related videos the past weeks; hence, I got myself into watching them too. They’re real cute and handsome and talented, but they’re too busy it makes me wonder if they get decent hours of sleep these days. Anyway, I’m terribly on high for Winner and TVXQ these days. Yunho and Changmin are shining so bright (well, in my eyes) and the hype for “Your Present” is real for Cassiopeia!! Truly, my Kings are back! 👑

For Hey! Say! JUMP, my I/O Limited Edition 1 album finally arrived! My first JPOP album! I liked the photos the most, though printed really small. LOL I might share it if I’m in the mood.✌ On the other hand, their 10th Anniversary Concert Tour also started this month so most updates are about the con. YamaChii during Sweet Liar, BEST corner, TakaInoAri moments, MC corner, Star Time, Ending Talk; there’s so many moments to spazz! Also, the other day I watched Itadaki High Jump’s Water Slides episode (latest) with Yuya and Keito that got me stomach cramps and teary-eyed for laughing too much. It was so hilarious especially Yuya on the first slide! 😂😂

‘Star Time’ during Hey! Say! JUMP’s 10th Anniversary Tour

Hopefully, someone could understand what I talked about in this post. When all other things fail, I always turn to my fandom to make things a bit better. I can’t guarantee that it’s the best way possible, but for me at least, it’s the way I found. Perhaps, can anyone relate to me?

PS. I recovered my twitter account so I hope to connect to more people there. Kindly follow @sparklingkayy and I’ll be sure to follow you back as soon as I can! Arigatou! Kamsahamnida! Thank you! 💝


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